About Us

Our Mission 
Creating meaningful family experiences that become lasting memories.

We are passionate about creating fun, educational and accessible activities that will bond families and friends together as a welcomed break from screens.

About the founder

Jean-Guillaume, French native living in the UK, came up with the idea when spending time with his two amazing daughters during the 2020 lockdowns. Another big inspiration for him was finding creative ways of connecting them with their grandparents when travel became impossible.

After enjoying coming up with new fun activities to do together and as well as discovering the rich world of boardgames, he decided to blend the two and create Paper Adventures. He is passionate about helping dads and families create quality together-moments.

And his daughters (Chief Tree Officer and Chief Fun Officer respectively) regularly remind him to look after the planet : hence our partnership with tree-nation so every purchase can support planting trees in key areas affected by deforestation.

Our Values

Meaningful | Creating quality moments as family by limiting screen time.

Immersive | Boosting creativity and communication through play.

Responsible | Supporting reforestation with donations for every purchase.